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spring and all it's spring-like colors

Spring is here; that means birds are chirping outside our windows again, trees are no longer bare and leafless. The best thing about spring in my opinion, is being able to experience the idea of rebirth that many poets love to write about and 'see things come back alive' first-hand. Seasonal depression is over and hence the choice in bag colors are no longer dark and dull, moving on from the past muses in oxblood, black etc. We are embracing the moment and jumping into some bold and bright colors! 
Saint Laurent is a line that sticks to the basics, but every now and then there will be a splash of colors. The playful colors that Saint Laurent has incorporated just shows how fun they can be compared to their counterparts, Fendi who has been recently been known for their beautiful embellishments and wild patterns and colors! 
Saint Laurent Classic Small Cabas - $2499. MSRP $2650