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fighting off the frigid cold

The New York winter hasn't been the kindest. It encourages hibernation and an impressive, satiable appetite - and the cycle repeats. On most days, it gives me the run for the warmth I could possibly find anywhere. 

That aside, New York Fashion Week has just past and oh what a scene it was. Amazingly fashionable ladies toting their purses, still looking as glamorous as ever bundled up in coats, scarves and boots. Determined not to be left out of that glorious scene, we included the classic and edgy Saint Laurent in our collection. My favorite would definitely be the Saint Laurent Classic Baby Cabas. I have a unhealthy penchant for little bags, which seems to be the latest trend - bags that are too small for anything aka the Fendi Mini Peekaboo. Thankfully, the baby cabas isn't anything too impractical, it's a great size for things that you need for the day, but still allowing you to look ever so stylish.

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